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HealthCare Data Entry and Analysis

We were brought in to convert an existing analysis system based on excel spreadsheets into a more robust system using workflow and a database for the cancer research unit of an established, fully accredited healthcare facility in the South United States.
Our solution replaced a slow, manually intensive and error-prone, single-user system with a custom workflow system that allows multiple users simultaneously, preventing most errors in data entry, and automates the validations that required intervention by highly skilled nursing staff. The system also provides full change control traceability as well as analysis of many patients at a time. Our system allows the export of over 400 patient data-intensive records totalling over 100,000 data elements in less than 20 seconds. The previous system took over 25 *minutes* to perfrm the same task on a small subset of the data.
The data entry system is based entirely on a data dictionary that describes each field the system uses. For each field the administrator can specify it's data type, what screen it should appear on, and validation conditions. As soon as the dictionary is updated, the next request for a screen gets this new information and generates an updated screen. Data not passing the validation rules is rejected back to the person who entered the data for correction or escalation to the nursing staff who can approve exceptions to the rules.

Net benefit:

Almost no data entry errors.
Faster data extraction for analyses allows more analysis.
Skilled nursing staff spend 90% less time dealing with data issues and can focus on their real job - making people well.

Security and Diaster Planning/Business Continuity Standardization

Sims, Inc., was heavily involved in account management and project management of a collaborative educational development for a large cooperative healthcare organization of over 1500 members. We were sought after to assist with account management and project management in the design and roll out of two courses to be offered across the country to their not-for-profit healthcare organization members.
The first course dealt with information security, the second, disaster recovery and business continuity. Both courses took into consideration not only the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, but also national standards from organizations such as NIST, NSA, NFPA and other major healthcare models.
Primary duties included heavy emphasis on project management, account management, leadership and relationship management, while managing the day-to-day networking between committee member organizations and executive management. Sims, Inc. worked directly with the educational department employees, the VP of Education & Networking and CIO at the organization, along with all of the healthcare facilities that made up the executive steering committee.

Net benefit:

Standarized, compliant security and disaster recovery/business continuity practices across the 1500+ locations.